Accurate Shutdown

Accurate Shutdown 6.30

Enables you to schedule a shutdown, restart or log off an action

Accurate Shutdown is a useful system tool that enables you to schedule a shutdown, restart or log off an action. In addition, hibernate, lock, standby and turn-off monitor actions also are provided.
The actions can be set to be executed at a specified time or after an amount of time. An extra option is available where you can set an action to execute after an amount of time since the system enters the idle state.

Even more, you can schedule an action to open a webpage (the webpage opens only in Internet Explorer), close the access to the Internet or run a program/file. All the actions can be set to prompt you with a countdown before taking action. To the countdown, a sound can be attached specified by you or it will use the default one. A time adjustment option is also available where you can synchronize your clock with different time servers.

The program is provided with a password option where you can restrict the access to the program. More restriction options are provided by the program at the Windows start-up. Modification of the system time can be restricted or you can restrict one or more programs to be opened.

You can also record and view the Internet Explorer history, disable the ctrl+del+alt (task manager) option or forbid to turn on the PC at a specific time.

This program provides great features with unique actions and useful restriction options, but you can't schedule multiple actions at a time.

Dennis Niels
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  • Schedule to close the Internet access
  • Schedule to run a program/file
  • Schedule to open a webpage
  • Record and view the Internet Explorer history


  • Can't schedule multiple actions at a time
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